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From Chairman Pen Admission Open 2017 FAQ
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International Conference on “Global Trends in Management, Governance and Entrepreneurship” on 15th April, 2017, at I.T.S GhaziabadI.T.S Ghaziabad, Post Graduate Courses, Accredited 'A' Grade by NAACVery Important for All students seeking admission in any Professional Course (B.Tech, MCA, MBA, B.Pharm etc) CourseI.T.S Ghaziabad organizes Business Summit 2017 INDIA - TOWARDS GLOBAL LEADERSHIP on 18th February 2017ALUMNI MEET ( MANAGEMENT)I.T.S Ghaziabad is awarded as Best Computer Application College in India by CEGR2nd "CXO Meet" Organized by Department of IT@ I.T.S,Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad on Saturday, 17th September, 2016CSI Student Branch, Department of IT, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad has been awarded with Best CSI accredited Student Branch.I.T.S Engineering College, Greater Noida is recognized as "Nodal Center of Excellence for Intel"INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED FOR "NAAC".NBA ACCREDITED MCA PROGRAMME @ INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE, GHAZIABAD.I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad is awarded as Best Management Institute for Careers & Corporate Resources in India by ASSOCHAM, India & theEducationpost in Education Excellent Awards 2015

ITS Club

With our tradition of excellence and our renewed commitment to lending new direction to the form of creativity, we seek to create a dynamic committee of various clubs and societies where the focus is on an all-round development and experience. Extra-curricular activities are elixir of the education process. It’s a common belief that knowledge, skill and attitude go hand in hand for overall development of an individual’s personality. Moreover, the demand of digital economy is not just to amass the knowledge given in books but to build up individual’s skills so that their attitudes and careers are changed.

To foster a sense of belongingness among students, I.T.S provides a platform to them for pursuing both academic and non academic interests. The institute has a host of societies from which the student can choose and obtain membership. Each society is student driven. The societies are geared towards helping students pursue their creativity and hone their management skills.


Mass Communication & Media Club

Introduction:Mass Communication is usually understood to relate to newspaper, magazine, and book publishing, as well as radio, television and film, as these mediums are used for disseminating information, news and advertising. Mass communication focuses on a single source transmitting information to a large group of receivers. Therefore at I.T.S UG Campus a Mass communication cell is being introduced which provides a platform to the students where they can show their variety of talents Like writing, Radio Jockey, Photography etc.

Objective:The main objective of this club is to provide a platform to the students those have interest in making new ideas related to advertisement, Writing, Photography, Designing of cover page and ability to express themselves. Under this club events on the following topics would be organized;

  • Advertising: Advertising, in relation to mass communication, refers to marketing a product or service in a persuasive manner that encourages the audience to buy the product or use the service.
  • Broadcasting: Broadcasting is the act of transmitting audio and/or visual content through a communication medium, such as radio, television, or film.
  • Journalism: Journalism, is the collection, verification, presentation, and editing of news for presentation through the media, in this sense, refers to the study of the product and production of news.
  • Public Relations: Public relations is the process of providing information to the public in order to present a specific view of a product or organization.
Competitions to be organized by Mass communication club:
1). Magazine cover design competition;
-We can conduct this online by suggesting the students to design a magazine cover on a particular issue. -Students can use apps to make the cover. -they can send their design through a mail.
2). Scenery photo Editing;
-The students should take a picture of a scenery on their own and then edit the photograph using an app( name of the app must be included). -They can send their photos through a mail.
3). Best radio jockey competition;
-The students can show case their talent here by choosing a topic for their RJ enactment.
4). Best college life film competition;
- The students must make a film on their college life by representing their life in college by clicking the best moments in college or a video of their best moments. -They can combine their short moments and submit on a said date.
5). Advertising competition;
-The students can advertise any product of their interest using various techniques like print media or online marketing or any other mode. -The maximum rated product will get the 1st place. -This can also be done as a project.

Social Service Club - Disha

Introduction:Disha - E S R Initiative; Education to the underprivileged section of the society. The Social Service Club of UG Campus organizes donation camp for the education of the underprivileged children of the society. To take this initiative further, the team at IT S, comprising of students and faculty members actively participates in programs such as providing education to less privileged children, and taking care of their needs from books to clothing. Social awareness campaigns on topics such as women empowerment are organized from time to time.
Objective:The main objective of this club is to fulfilling educational social responsibilities. And to Prepare our students for professional social work practice. We Develop application of critical thinking skills in classroom learning and field education practice situations among the students. Also instill in students a commitment to social work values and ethics in professional practice.
Role:As rightly said "Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world", the club thus aims to educate and motivate them to realize their full potential. Several programmes are organized to bring smiles on their innocent faces. Furthermore, blood donation camps are organized at regular intervals. The Institute seeks to orient its students to the needs of the development sector and in their role as active contributors to society encourages them to work relentlessly to upgrade and offer services to the underprivileged sections of the society.

Yoga Club

Introduction:The benefits of Yoga are numerous. In terms of energy Yoga is like a universe in itself. Some of the important Yoga benefits include anti-ageing, balance and flexibility of body, increase in knowledge and wealth, improvement in mental health and development of personal and social values. This is not the end of story; Yoga also helps in improving strength and reducing weight. Yoga makes us to feel good. Yoga is relaxing. It s energizing. Its strengthening. Therefore to make our students aware about the benefits of Yoga and for practicing Yoga at I.T.S UG campus a Yoga club is being introduced.
Objective:The main objective of this club is to make our students aware about the benefits of practicing Yoga. To achieve this goal a weekly yoga class would be conducted and workshops also will be organized. Competitions like "Practice & Benefits of Yoga asana" & Yoga Mudras would be organized. Through these activities students would be involved in doing & learning of "Yoga asana".

Entrepreneurship Cell

Introduction:Entrepreneurship Cell "Lakshay", the E- Cell of the Institute is a student driven cell which takes care of the entrepreneurship related activities of the campus.
Objective:The objective of the cell is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among the students. The Cell serves as a platform to develop leadership traits, provide necessary knowledge and skills so that students can transform their ideas into vibrant business proposal. The event calendar comprises of competitions geared to test the innovative ability and rigor of the participants thought process, as they enter the campus.
Role:E-Cell organizes various events like Business Plan Competition, Management Quiz, Best out of waste etc. It also organizes Several workshops on Entrepreneurship Development Programs in association with NISEBUD, a Govt. of India undertaking, ICE Centre of Excellence and Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Delhi.

MINERVA-Literary Club (Enlightening the minds of future)

The Literary club of I.T.S - UG campus aims at providing a platform to the students where they can learn the joys of participating in various literary activities beyond their curriculum like Debates, Extempore, Paper - Presentations, Business plan. The activities of the club are designed specifically to augment the oratory and writing skills of the students so that they are able to gain confidence in their verbal and written communication.

I.T.S Blues - Dance & Music club

Dance & Music Club is all about grooming and enhancing an individual’s talent. It is not only about Dance & Music, it is also about building one’s confidence, co-ordination and working in a team i.e. togetherness. The institute participates in various inter-college events.


Towards an endeavor to give back to society in which we live, the social service club has been constituted at I.T.S. SMILE- The Social Service Club is all about fulfilling corporate social responsibilities and, above that, our efforts towards upliftment of society at large. We aim at preparing undergraduate and graduate students for professional social work practice and professional leadership within a multicultural,global environment based on the concepts of human rights, social and economic justice,religious and spiritual tolerance, and the elimination of oppressive social conditions for all people.

SEEKERS - Theatre Club

Seekers - The Theater Club”is for the students to explore and enrich their hidden talent of acting & creativity. Seekers’ the theater club provides a platform to showcase your talent and bring out the thespian in you. This is done by organizing various activities like Skit, Mono Acting, Group Mime, Individual Acting etc. Theatre workshops for the members of the club are conducted by some of the prominent theatre personalities.

STRIKER- Sports Club

Besides the classic sense of theOlympic Motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius,or Higher, Faster, Stronger - modern sport is becoming important for everyone trapped behind the books. The institute aims at the physical development of students beyond academic excellence outside the classroom. The institute provides facilities and coaches for various sports like volleyball, tennis, chess, and badminton etc. I.T.S students include national–level players of softball, volleyball and basketball who regularly plays several matches for state of U.P. I.T.S has been winning the inter-college cricket championship continuously for the last few years. I.T.S has also won the inter college Basket ball and softball championship this year.

ARTISTIC - Art & Crafts Club

This club has been introduced by I.T.S – UG campus for the first time for students who are very good in arts and crafts. ART is the only creative field that enables bird to swim and fish to fly. We encourage our students’ passion for creation and allow them to show the world their creativity.

Technotrix Club

This club is for the students to explore & sharpen the technical skills. Students interact with technologies, share ideas and enjoy the tech world by combining their creativity with technology. Various programming competitions are organized by this club for the students who are technically very sound.


  • This is noticeable that some subjects of MCA course curriculum are very vital and useful. These subjects are currently demanded by the industry and industry wants that students should be skilled in these technologies , one of these technology is Java/J2EE. The Java/J2EE technology is very vast which requires few months to become someone familiar with the technology.
  • Since the technology is so vast, therefore there is a requirement to do something additional to continue the study, problems solving, discussion about important aspects and practice of some important exercises of the technology beyond the class room also.
  • Keeping the above points in mind the Department of IT, I.T.S, Ghaziabad has formedJAVA CLUBto carry out all the above mentioned activities about said technology.

The objective of the java club is the technological enhancement of the MCA students in Java Technology which includes, question/answers of java technology, puzzles of java, practical applications of Java etc.

Following activities are to be carried out in the club:-

  • Preparing students for java mock test for industrial recruitment
  • Conducting of programming contests
  • Inter institutional java competition participation by students.
  • Conducting of java puzzles workshop

The club is driven by the students of MCA and it is supported by IT faculty members. The activities of the club are initiated after discussion among faculty members and core club students’ members then it is executed by the core club members of club.

An online discussion forum has been formed on where the members of the Java Club share their problems and views. The resources are also shared by the members of the club on this online discussion forum.

Activities Conducted by Java Club:

  • A five days workshop was organized for the MCA students on “Object Oriented Concepts of Java Language”. The workshop was conducted by Prof. KP Singh and Prof. Gaurav Midha from 18-July-2011 to 22-July-2011.
  • Online Quiz Competition was organized for the MCA students on 24-August-2011.
  • An intra institutional Java Programming Contest “SANRACHNA 2012” for MCA and BCA students was organized on 27th March, 2012.
  • Two days workshop on Object Oriented Programming in Java is planned tentatively on 3-4 August, 2012 for MCA IInd Year Students.
  • Two days workshop on JSP, JDBC, Servlets is planned tentatively from 28-29-2012 for MCA IInd Year Students.


TheDotNet Clubis focused towards, creating the awareness ofMicrosoft Technologiesand variousMicrosoft Application Developmenttools. The club is formulated by the student members and work to achieve the goal with other student volunteers. The club is involved in various academic and software development activities with the student support as follows:

  • Demonstration Sessions for Microsoft Application Development Tools
  • Inculcating a practice of writing Technical Articles
  • In-house Software Development
  • On Spot Programming Competition
  • Quizzes & Programming Puzzles

The club is lead by four (4) student members (from MCA 3rd Year) who are working as a body for initiating, managing, structuring, and conducting the above mentioned activities. Students of MCA 1st and 2nd year have joined as members and facilitate the smooth conduct of the club activities under the supervision of the senior core members.

During year 2012 the following activities have been successfully conducted under aegis of

Activities Conducted by DotNet Club

  • Organized On Spot Programming Competition on 29 Aug, 2011.
  • Facilitated Microsoft Virtual Tech Days a 3 days webinar series by Microsoft on Windows Azure, Win8, and Windows Phone 7 Development on 28-30 Sept, 2011.
  • One day workshop on Dot Net Technology on 19 Jan, 2012.



It has been an established fact now that as programming language, C Language has became defect standard, when it comes to develop an application that needs to interact with the devices and the users. Understanding of C is not only make of comparatively easier to learn other. Languages but also clarifies fundamentals aspects of programming.
The C Club of the institute facilitates the students to unleak their hidden & unexplored potential by using C languages and helps in focused learning the Club regularly organizes
This helps students to keep them abreast with the latest developments taking place in Industry, Particularly in the field of Databases and related technologies


In any business, data is now regarded as a crucial resource rather than a passively stored components. Increased competitive environment, need of quick response with accurate information at the time of is needed is one of the challenges IT Industry is facing. The understanding of basic under-lying principles of data bases, As integration with newly developed applications, is key to success of businesses now.
Need of storage, structured, semi – structured, access, manipulation with and analysis is forcing the experts to have a holistic view on data, its context and application.
Considering above in view, DBMS club was formed in Dept of IT. The club is priorly run by student team under the guidance of faculty team.
The club engages the students in organizing activities like workshops, training programs, Guest talks, Sessions by Industry Experts, Quizes etc
This helps students to keep them abreast with the latest developments taking place in Industry, Particularly in the field of Databases and related technologies.

Marketing Club

Helps students to understand the Market in actuality & gain an insight of marketing concepts and industry’s best practices with activities like Marrecus Line-Monthly Marketing Newsletter, Brand Crafting Competition, Ad-Mad show, Business-Plan competition and Chart Exhibitions

Finance Club

It provides an opportunity to learner to get real time exposure of stocks & stock market as well as to get into the operations of Finance. The club aspires to bring the best minds from academicians, industry and students to discuss, collaborate and research on the issues relating to Finance, at national and international level. Some events organized by this club are ‘The Business-Quiz’ and ‘The Financial Statement Analysis’.

HR Club

The purpose of Human Resource club is to gain insights into the latest happenings in the field of HR and uphold the highest ideals in HR management through activities like HR Newsletter-T.O.M. (The Oppo-Makers Monthly), Poster Making Competition, Guest Lecture, Role Play competition, Online HR quiz, HR debate competition and HR Quiz-A team event.

International Business Club

The objective of IB club is to create awareness of new societies, economies, places and cultures at international platform and enable students to understand how they can adapt to different cultures that they might be exposed to in conducting business and events that are going on around the world.
With this aim and focus, the club organizes various events, talks, debates, panel discussions, symposiums, Competitions from time to time.

PARIVARTAN- The Social Club (a CSR Initiative)

To foster societal development, I.T.S regularly conducts programmes to discharge its responsibility towards the masses. Some of the pioneering efforts undertaken by the club are :

  • Blood Donation camp organized in collaboration with Rotary Blood Bank.
  • Quarterly tree-plantation camps organized as an initiative towards cultivating a green environment for a cleaner & healthier habitat.
  • Donation of clothes by I.T.S students to the needy and under-privileged living in slum areas of Ghaziabad.
  • Education programme for the poor and deserving children in Delhi-NCR region on weekly basis.