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Two-day National HR Conference: ‘Responsive HR’ Held on 20th & 21st September, 2013

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    Two-day National HR Conference: ‘Responsive HR’ Held on 20th & 21st September, 2013
    September 21, 2013

    Full Desscription

    The two day National HR Conference - ‘Responsive HR’ started on 20th September, 2013 with the inaugural address by Director General Dr. A. K. Puri in which he said that in his more than 37 years of working experience, one thing has been very common and obvious that ‘people (superiors, subordinates and peers) are to be helped and taken care of for increasing their output and efficiency. That is the job of HR, no matter with what name we address it.’ With this interesting and easy to understand proposition, the first day of the conference commenced that was scheduled for the paper presentation by the students in which total 9 teams presented their quality papers.

    The second day of the conference i.e. 21st September, 2013, was scheduled for two technical sessions and one panel discussion in which experts from top industries shared their work-secrets, experiences, foresights and future strategies with the audience and participants.

    In the inaugural session of the second day of the conference, the Chief Guest Mr. R. P. Singh, Director – HR & Legal, IFFCO, appealed for bridging the employability gap and advised exercises to keep the body and mind fit for bearing the work pressure. He emphasized that an efficient HR professional should know how to emotionally satisfy the employee and the employer both.

    Keynote speaker Mr. Pankaj Bansal quite interestingly elaborated world-wide opportunities and challenges before the HR professionals today. He said that there are 30 HR companies listed in US but in India there is none. He gave an interesting and farsighted mantra to future managers – ‘Never under-estimate yourself in long term and never overestimate yourself in short term’ and advised sincerity, hard-work and attachment with the job.

    The inaugural session was followed by technical sessions 1 and 2, in which senior HR professionals from top industries discussed the current HR scenario and different HR functions with an emphasis on traditional and service functions of HR.

    The topic of technical session – 1 was ‘Current Scenario of HR’ that was beautifully carried forward by Ms. Harpreet Dutta, Executive Director & Chief People Officer, ABC Consultant, who addressed the participants in an interesting and interactive way. Starting with the questions on the basic functions of HR, she discussed total quality management and said that an HR professional should definitely meet the self-expectations.  Mr. Manish Srivastava, Director, Emserve, raised a question – ‘Is your EVP equal to CVP?’ where EVP stands for Employee Value Proposition and CVP stands for Customer Value Proposition. He concluded that customer and employee both are important for any organization therefore the employee should have a feeling that the HR department of the company is responsive to them. Mr. N. C. Sharma, Head-HR, Country Inn, was another appreciated speaker of the first technical session who started with the primary functions of HR and said that the way your employee feels is the way your customer feels. He strongly supported the views of Mr. Manish Srivastava, his co-speaker.

    The second technical session commenced after the lunch. The topic of this session was ‘Difference in HR functions: Traditional v/s Services’. Mr. Rup Kumar Sengupta, Director HR, PSI started the session with the comparison of traditional and service functions of HR and forecasted future expectations from HR. He advised tactical and proactive approach in all actions with the focus on need. Second speaker of the second session was Mr. K. R. Kaushik, Head – External Affairs, Gujrat Fertilizers, who initiated his address with the question if human is a resource or the controller of resources. He, after comparing traditional and service functions of HR, discussed the role of HR as facilitator in service sector. He advised no discrimination among employees saying discrimination brings disasters.

    The two day National conference came close to the conclusion with the panel discussion on the ‘Nature of HR Function in 2020’, which was intelligently and interestingly moderated by the area chair Dr. P.U.B. Rao. The speakers in the panel included Prof. R. P. Ojha, IMI, Delhi; Dr. Subhash Masters, Advisor, Human Capital and Dr. M. S. Rau, Executive Director, ISTD. Moderator Dr. P.U.B. Rao started the discussion with the expected nature of HR function in 2020. He broadly pointed out that future will have more corporate psychologists but the basic functions of HR will remain same. He gave an interesting example of cars saying that we have sophisticated cars today but whether new or old, all cars have a steering, four wheels and a windscreen etc. The proposition put forth by Prof. Rao was followed by Prof. R. P. Ojha who forecasted that in future HR functions will shrink but opportunities will increase. He gave an example of emails which were warmly welcomed years back but are now considered as outdated because people now want instant response devices. Similarly, HR functions will also change and we need to prepare ourselves. Dr. Subhash Masters started with a relieving line that whatever may be the name but HR functions will always be there. He emphasized the need to understand the business models especially the beneficial ones. Dr. M.S. Rau shared his views starting with an interesting note that everyone should have some extent of HR in oneself. He expressed his disappointment for just fire-fighting contemporary functions of HR instead of post-mortems i.e. analysis of cause and consequences. He appealed for redesigning HR functions and refocus on customer satisfaction. This successful panel discussion not only presented eye-opening facts before the participants but also gave them a chance to get their queries and apprehensions answered by the experts.

    Soon after the panel discussion, valedictory session of the conference took place in which best research papers were awarded with a trophy and a certificate. The first prize was won by the team of Rahul and Sneha from ITS Institute of Management, Greater Noida; second prize was won by Pradeep & Monika, the PGDM students at ITS, Ghaziabad whereas third prize was bagged by Jalhaj Auny Tawlatt of Stratford University, Delhi campus. Director-Management Dr. B. S. Hothi congratulated the winners, presented the conference overview and the formal vote of thanks. He also congratulated area chair Dr. Rao and the conference coordinators Dr. Puneet Mohan & Dr. Charu for the smooth and effective organization of the conference. And with this, the two day National HR Conference ‘Responsive HR’ ended meaningfully and successfully.